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About Us

Who We Are

From its founding in 2014, Gotcha Covered HR has been built upon a concept of community. With a background as a Labor and Employment Law attorney, Patricia Pannell, CEO of Gotcha Covered HR, recognized that poor HR decisions are costly and often destructive, particularly to small businesses. In order to help create a community of holistic workplaces where businesses and their employees could both thrive, Patricia determined that business owners needed access to cost-effective professional HR support. To continue that core mission, in 2023 Patricia joined with Teresa Lawrence, CEO of Delta Administrative Services, to create a partnership that would provide even greater resources to the business community of New Orleans, and beyond. With their combined wealth of expertise, this partnership offers a one-stop solution for all HR needs, saving businesses valuable time and resources, and ultimately leading to strategic growth and an overall stronger business community.

Our Philosophy

GCHR’s philosophy continues to be that a business can create a positive impact upon the entire community simply by fostering a positive work climate, where all employees are treated with respect and dignity, where employees’ creativity and productivity are recognized as a valuable contribution to the organization.

What Drives Us

From its inception, GCHR’s leadership has been involved in numerous initiatives that provide growth opportunities for individuals and business organizations. From small business incubators to women- and minority-led advocacy groups, GCHR has been visible and vocal in its support of the entrepreneurial spirit that drives a dynamic business climate.

Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.

Our CEO, Patricia Pannell, frequently partners with local chambers of commerce, trade associations, and other business development groups to present topical and informative presentations on HR best practices.

“I am passionate about giving back to my community,” says Pannell. “It’s all about celebrating the ‘gumbo pot’ that makes this City such a unique and wonderful place to live and work.”

Gotcha Covered HR - Patricia E. Pannell, J.D. - President, CEO
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Gotcha Covered HR - We've Gotcha Covered For Any Human Resource Need

Meet Our Team

Gotcha Covered HR leads by example through the diversity and talent of its own team of HR professionals, who bring fresh perspective to a business’ staffing decisions and policies, undaunted by past practices that may be hindering success. Clients always have a trusted advisor in GCHR’s team of consultants who help companies develop their big-picture HR policies. Having an end goal of increasing employee satisfaction ensures healthy and productive businesses, which ultimately benefits the entire community.

Let Us Help You
Grow Your Business

We've gotcha covered for any human resources need.


What Our Clients Think

Ensuring compliance with all HR standards and regulations, the team at Gotcha Covered HR has been a highly valued resource to our company and the compilation of our HR policies.

Gotcha Covered HR provides exceptional knowledge, guidance, and support throughout every step of the process, while also maintaining exceptional communication, to meet all of our company’s needs.
Peter Schneeweiss
Vice President
Advanced Cutting Solutions
I have worked with Gotcha Covered HR for assistance on multiple issues and am appreciative of their quick response and professional service. Patti has been there to answer all my legal HR questions. And the team has facilitated successful trainings for us to help keep us compliant. I’m a one person HR department and it’s nice to know they have my back when I need that bit of extra help.
Sherri McKenna
Director of Human Resources
M.S. Rau, Fine Art Antiques & Jewels
Your staff was spectacular and very helpful! I spent about 2 weeks (off and on) searching the internet for the answers that I needed, and I still couldn’t figure it out. But one call got me connected with all the right people on your staff. I only wish I would’ve called two weeks earlier . . . that would have saved me so much time and frustration! Thank you again, Gotcha Covered HR! You’re the best!
Lisa Warren
Native Engineers, LLC
I really enjoyed working with Patti on updating the policy manual for our janitorial office. She was very professional and prompt in communication. She knew all the changes to make to our existing manual to get it up to current code. She is up on the latest laws when it comes to employees. I would not hesitate to hire her again and strongly recommend her to all business owners.
The support we receive from Gotcha Covered HR has been increasingly valuable to our growing business. We are too small to employ a full-time HR professional, but knowing we can call a reliable human resources consultant whenever the need arises gives us peace of mind that our staff and HR policies are on the right track.
Gotcha Covered has helped us with some HR material, such as employee handbooks, and by providing advice in a couple of specific situations. They helped me to be pro-active in ensuring that my employees and managers get a better grip on the real life issues that might arise in the workplace, and how to navigate them.
As a business owner, you can never be too prepared in the HR dept. And with our ever changing rules and regulations, it is wonderful to have Patti by our side!!! Thanks for helping to keep us compliant, and for making it easy to understand!!!
Gotcha Covered has provided top-notch professional solutions time after time. They are a pleasure to work with. Knowledgeable, dependable, timely and friendly, they have always been on top of our needs for HR, They continue to provide a fantastic service. Gotcha Covered are definitely the best resource for your HR solutions!
They have provided us with brilliant counsel. We couldn’t speak more highly of them.

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