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Gotcha Covered HR - Man and Woman on Scale - How to Create a Workplace of Equality

How to Create a Workplace of Equality

How we view things is how we do things. If we want to change our output (our DO), let’s change our input (our VIEW). March is Women’s History Month, and although women have been around for a very long time, recognition for many of woman’s accomplishments is still lacking.

A recent study was conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and Harvard Business Review Analytic Services on the extent to which Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is a strategic priority for organizations. The survey showed that 71% of organizations are behind where they should be in their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts (HBR, 2021). While almost two-thirds of organizations say that DE&I is a high strategic priority, the majority confess that they are only “somewhat successful” in creating a workforce that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive (HRB, 2021). Real progress requires sustained commitment.

By uncovering gaps and differences among the groups, the survey reveals three practices that drive DE&I improvements in the workplace and differentiate organizations that are successful from those that fall behind: commitment from the top of the organization, broad accountability and transparency, and tracking DE&I across the organization through established metrics.

The future of women’s economic security, especially women of color, depends on REAL, long-term investments made in childcare, paid leave, paid sick days, and equal pay. But until that day comes, it’s up to businesses to create more diverse and inclusive opportunities in the workforce. Let Gotcha Covered HR partner with you to ensure your organization’s goals are met when it comes to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Gender equality is key for societal success!

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