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Hourly “A La Carte” Services​

Some companies, particularly those with an “HR Department of One,” may feel that they have adequate HR processes and procedures in place and only need occasional assistance. We are available for short phone call support as well as more comprehensive HR strategic work that may require more bandwidth than can be handled inhouse.  


Typical hourly services include:

HR Program Compliance Audit

Our comprehensive process audit will examine critical administrative functions, such as documentation and HR recordkeeping requirements. We will identify any gaps in your processes and help you understand policies required by Federal, State, or local law for the size of your business. Key components of our HR audit will also examine best practices relating to compliance, recruiting and hiring, employee relations, risk management, organizational culture, and workplace safety.

Handbook and Policy Development

A well-crafted employee handbook should form the cornerstone of an effective HR program. Its primary purpose is to serve as a communication tool that expresses your company’s unique core mission, vision, and values. It can also serve as a tool for recruitment. We will customize your employee handbook and policies to attract and support your best talent.

Independent Investigations/Mediations

We are skilled in investigating employee complaints in an objective and impartial manner. We can help you deal with grievances and assist you in reaching sound decisions. Sometimes employees just need a non-biased third party to help them gain clarity on a troubling workplace situation. We are also trained in mediation and conflict resolution and can help you defuse potentially volatile situations.

Employee Engagement Strategy

Employees need an HR presence; someone they can talk with who is knowledgeable of the law and of your policies and culture. We assess and evaluate critical HR activities missing from your business and help you structure effective delivery of those services.

The once-a-year performance appraisal and rating scale is outdated and ineffective. We help you promote a coaching culture by improving communication of expectations and promoting individual employee development. Developing succession plans, individual development plans, and “stay interviews” with key employees will help you avoid losing them to the competition.

Talent Acquisition/Recruiting

It’s a simple fact: high performing teams increase business outcomes. Gotcha Covered can recruit, screen, and help you effectively select key players for your team. You won’t have to chase open positions while the work goes undone. We will design strategic staffing benchmarks and a workforce planning process to ensure employee commitment, performance, accountability, and retention.

Employee Compensation

Competitive pay still ranks high for worker satisfaction, and equal pay is the law. We can assess and design pay programs to attract and sustain a competitive workforce.

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