What’s the Fuss All About? Decrease Tension in the Workplace

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Negative attitudes are like a common cold. If you don’t get rid of it before you go to work, it’ll spread like a wildfire. Persistent workplace negativity steals the energy of your organization, while diverting employees’ attention from work.

So, it’s a fair assumption to make that people like to work in a positive work-environment. It fosters better morale, greater productivity and increases the chances of employee retention.

You may be asking yourself, “how does workplace negativity develop?” Well, we’ve put together a short list of the causes and measures to help you prevent it from plaguing your business.

Causes of Negativity & Solutions:

  1. Excessive Workload
    Solution: Check-in with your employees on a regular basis (weekly/monthly) to ensure they are not “burned-out” or feel like they are drowning in their work.

  2. Lack of Communication
    Solution: Have open dialogue with your employees and staff. Encourage them to give input and feedback by establishing the appropriate systems and making them aware the systems exist.

  3. Lack of Growth Opportunities
    Solution: Develop a clear path for professional advancement. Make sure employees and staff are aware of the avenues they can take to grow with the company and develop their professional skills.

  4. Insufficient Workplace Recognition
    Solution: Provide your employees with appropriate rewards and recognition to let them know their work is valuable and valued. People who are recognized are more invested in the success of the business.

Dealing with workplace negativity promptly can help make it possible to root out issues and create a more positive, happy and productive workplace for your team to thrive. Consequently, taking the necessary time to make changes within your company, is the best way to invest in more preventative rather than reactionary measures to foster an overall healthy company culture.

Be sure to take some time in the coming days to analyze how well your business is applying these basic solutions.

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