Our Services

We specialize in providing businesses with practical and cost-effective solutions to problematic challenges within the workplace. Stefanie Allweiss and Patricia Pannell bring more than fifty years combined experience in employment relations. We understand the importance of resolving problems quickly and productively so that your business and workforce can be successful together.

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Are you in compliance with employment laws and regulations?

We provide training and support on critical administrative requirements, such as I-9 completion and other HR recordkeeping requirements, to help you avoid costly mistakes. We can help you understand how to implement the policies, procedures and processes required by Federal, State or local law for the size of your business.

Tired of workplace drama and employee conflict?

We are skilled in investigating employee complaints in an objective and impartial manner. We can help you deal with grievances and assist you in reaching sound and objective findings and recommendations. We are also trained in mediation and conflict resolution and can help you defuse potentially volatile situations. Sometimes employees just need a non-biased third party to help them gain clarity on a troubling workplace situation.

Is your workforce sufficiently trained on diversity and inclusion?

You may have managers or employees who are unaware of their unconscious bias and the impact it is having on your organization, with staff, or with your customers. We can help you integrate diversity and inclusion processes into your workplace culture. It’s not only the right thing to do; it improves business outcomes and strengthens employee morale.

Are you getting the business results you expected?

It’s a simple fact: high performing teams increase business outcomes. Gotcha Covered can recruit, screen and help you effectively select talented professionals for your team. We can also train your supervisors to be better leaders. These two initiatives will help you retain key employees and increase the overall success of your workforce. Developing succession plans, individual development plans, and “stay interviews” with key employees will help you avoid losing them to the competition.

Are you effectively communicating with your employees?

The once a year performance appraisal and rating scale is outdated and ineffective. We help you promote a coaching culture by improving communication of expectations and promoting individual employee development.

Can’t figure out what to pay your employees?

Competitive pay still ranks high for worker satisfaction, and equal pay is the law. We can assess and design pay programs to attract and sustain a competitive workforce.

Not satisfied with your hiring results?

Don’t chase open positions while the work goes undone. We can design strategic staffing benchmarks and a workforce planning process to ensure employee commitment, performance, accountability and retention.

Do you have limited or no HR presence?

Employees need an HR presence; someone they can talk to who is not only knowledgeable of the law but also of your particular policies and unique culture. We can assess and evaluate the critical HR activities missing from your business and help you structure effective delivery of those services. Our Team of HR professionals can serve as your HR presence and support your business on-site or with anytime access and response to urgent employment issues.

Do you have a canned or outdated employee handbook?

A well-crafted employee handbook can form the cornerstone of an effective HR program. It can also serve as a tool for recruitment. There are now five unique generations in the workforce. We can customize your employee handbooks and policies to attract and support the talent needed to run your business.