Your staff was spectacular and very helpful!  I spent about 2 weeks (off and on) searching the internet for the answers that I needed, and I still couldn’t figure it out.  But one call got me connected with all the right people on your staff. I only wish I would’ve called two weeks earlier . . . that would have saved me so much time and frustration! Thank you again, Gotcha Covered HR! You’re the best!

Lisa Warren, Native Engineers, LLC

Gotcha Covered has helped us with some HR material, such as employee handbooks, and by providing advice in a couple of specific situations. They helped me to be pro-active in ensuring that my employees and managers get a better grip on the real life issues that might arise in  the workplace, and how to navigate them

Susan Spicer, Chef/Restaurateur Biz Magazine

Ray was able to come into our organization, listen, learn, and identify ways to improve the culture. Ray has taught the leadership that the cost of having an HR professional on the staff is cheap. When we think about all the time we once spent trying to hire, guess how to correct behaviors, ponder the legal consequences of our actions, etc. We think Ray is a Real Value. I can assure you he can impact your organization in ways you haven’t thought of yet.


Scott Ferguson, Rau Antiques

They have provided us with brilliant counsel. We couldn’t speak more highly of them.

Erin Allweiss Google

The support we receive from Gotcha Covered HR has been increasingly valuable to our growing business. We are too small to employ a full-time HR professional, but knowing we can call a reliable human resources consultant whenever the need arises gives us peace of mind that our staff and HR policies are on the right track.

Wendy Dolan Google

Ray’s positive impact on the institution at large, and specific and acute guidance and insight into difficult situations, is heartfelt and permeates the organization. We are so grateful for all of his work and time with our staff.

Christopher, Nonprofit Administrator

I really enjoyed working with Patti on updating the policy manual for our janitorial office. She was very professional and prompt in communication. She knew all the changes to make to our existing manual to get it up to current code. She is up on the latest laws when it comes to employees. I would not hesitate to hire her again and strongly recommend her to all business owners.

Home Maid

As a business owner, you can never be too prepared in the HR dept. And with our ever changing rules and regulations, it is wonderful to have Patti by our side!!! Thanks for helping to keep us compliant, and for making it easy to understand!!!

Courtney Thibodeaux Davis

Gotcha Covered has provided top-notch professional solutions time after time. They are a pleasure to work with. Knowledgeable, dependable, timely and friendly, they have always been on top of our needs for HR, They continue to provide a fantastic service. Gotcha Covered are definitely the best resource for your HR solutions!

Lexy Nie

Great people and a great company! HR is needed in every company but not everyone can afford a full time HR person. This company fits an important niche.

Sandra Lombana Lindquist