How will the businesses of today be recognized in the future? We believe businesses that are dedicated to a respectful and positive workplace, and want to invest in their employees will have the most success in the future. Gotcha Covered Hr’s new program has the tools to help you get there.


The Human Resources Shield of Approval Award is a program for those businesses who have taken the necessary strides to achieve excellence in company culture and compliance with employment laws. It is a way for a business to show to their customers, clients, and potential and existing employees that they are dedicated to a workplace that is safe and inclusive.

The program is customized to your business needs. By the end of the program you will:

  • Align your business culture and HR best practices
  • Have a trained leadership and staff
  • Have a system in place for workplace and conflict resolution
  • Build positive and proactive communication skills
  • Understand and utilize risk management systems
  • Develop and/or hire smart and qualified talent
  • Ensure compensation meets or exceeds industry standards
  • Be committed to continued training

Depending on your level of commitment, there are two shields, Gold and Silver. To receive the award, your business must complete the following (at a minimum):

  • Have a current Employee Handbook in place with policies and procedures for employees to report workplace behaviors
  • Ensure that employees understand their protections and performance expectations
  • Have an “HR presence” to whom employees may freely talk, who also understands the obligations of implementing the company’s policies fairly and consistently
  • Understand and utilize risk management systems

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On December 11, 2018 we awarded Chef Susan Spicer with the first ever Human Resources Shield of Approval Award.

It is one more successful step for her on a journey to provide a great example in the community, especially for her industry. She plans to proudly display the shield certificate at both Mondo and Rosedale as a reminder to her staff that she cares. In a world where many are boycotting those who have engaged in some pretty bad behavior, Spicer wants a reputation that is positive and caring.

We encourage you to show your support by choosing one of her restaurants the next time you go out!

Our philosophy is that employees are a business’ most valuable asset. In order to succeed together, management must learn how to maximize the success of their employees’ creativity and productivity by fostering a positive workplace climate. We believe that there is no better time for the local business community to lead by example by fostering a workplace where employees are treated with respect and dignity, and our program helps businesses do just that.

Stefanie Allweiss, Gotcha Covered HR Partner


We will continue hosting Shield of Approval training programs throughout 2019. The Gotcha Covered team welcomes all inquiries about the event in December, as well as future training dates.

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