Our Services

We specialize in providing businesses with practical and cost-effective solutions to problematic challenges within the workplace. Stefanie Allweiss and Patricia Pannell bring more than fifty years combined experience in employment relations. We understand the importance of resolving problems quickly and productively so that your business and workforce can be successful together.

Strategic Planning for Communicating Expectations to Your Employees

Your employees are your most valuable asset. Employees are more productive and successful in their jobs when they fully understand what is expected of them and are rewarded for their work.

We will assist your business in defining its mission and objectives, establishing performance expectations for your employees, and identifying weak links in internal communication of those expectations.

We will then work with you to develop the best methods for your management to effectively communicate expectations to employees.

Development of Personnel Policies

Every business is unique in its mission and management style.

We customize effective management and performance tools, including job descriptions, policies and procedures to fit your workplace, industry and culture.

We create orientation packages and training materials customized for your organization.

Training in Compliance with Employment Laws

Knowing what employment laws apply to your business can help avoid costly litigation.

We identify applicable laws based on the size and type of your organization, and conduct periodic audits to maximize your business compliance at both the federal and state level.

We offer training for your employees and supervisors on compliance with applicable employment laws, and develop procedures to resolve internal complaints of potential violations of anti-discrimination laws or your organization’s policies.

Independent Investigations and Mediations

Mediation can be an effective approach to conflict resolution, and a workplace issue may be best resolved by an independent mediator.

You want to encourage employees to resolve their workplace concerns internally rather than filing a charge or lawsuit in court.

We provide private mediation services at very competitive rates.

We also perform objective and confidential investigations into complaints of discrimination/harassment and other claimed wrongs in the workplace.

Human Resources Outsourcing

Gotcha Covered HR can also act as your external Human Resources department.

For a monthly fee arrangement, we can work directly with your managers as a cost effective way to bring professional HR staffing to your company.